R.P. Wallowa County:

“My prenatal, delivery, and post-natal experience with Nora was everything I could have hoped for and more. Her attentiveness, knowledge, and caring, calm demeanor helped facilitate the most wonderful birth experience with my second child. She really believes that pregnancy and birth are a natural process, not a medical emergency, and her perspective was so empowering for me, especially in light of my first delivery that resulted in feelings of regret over the interventions performed that were deemed ‘medically necessary’. Upon learning we were expecting our third child, I immediately knew I wanted to do another home birth with Nora. I am so grateful to have experienced pregnancy and the birth of my child with the help of her guiding hands and caring heart.”

T.D. Union County:

"I closed my eyes and leaned back against the tub. I was tired, rightfully so. But I was also utterly, blissfully, relaxed, and delighted. I could feel his little body squirm as I held his naked body against mine. There was a lot of commotion going on around me, but my part was done. I could feel the oxytocin coursing through my body, creating a "birth high;" it was a deep soul satisfying feeling. If I'm being honest, that feeling lasted for months... Let's back up a little. I'm a first time mother that chose a homebirth. Not very common any more. Finding the right attendant for my birth was very important to me. Having the correct support, encouragement, and knowledgeable resources can make all the difference between ultimately choosing between a homebirth and a hospital birth. I moved to La Grande in my third trimester. I transferred care late in my pregnancy and I moved to an area with very few homebirth attendants to choose from. What I NEEDED was the perfect person and what I ended up with was the only person who would even call me back. And you know what? They turned out to be one and the same. I got the perfect person for my birth experience. Nora is not only incredibly educated, knowledgeable, and skilled, but she seeks to help you reach every goal and fulfill every desire you have regarding your birth. Using evidence based information, she helps you understand the mountain of information you need to know to make these important life decisions based on facts without any influences. The information is provided, and the decision is ultimately yours. The resources available and utilized are superb and the care second to none. Every challenge and difficulty during my pregnancy was met with innovative solutions and multiple supportive options. Birth can be unpredictable; but it's also raw, it's fierce, it's beautiful, and it's so incredibly empowering. Inviting Nora to share my experience and my birth space was the best decision I could've made. My labour and delivery was the most empowering and magical experience. It was more than I ever could've hoped for. I can't wait to do it again!"