Free Consultation visit for new clients

Prenatal Care – hour long appointments each month until 32 weeks then every two weeks from 32-36 weeks, then weekly until birth

  • Nutritional coaching and guidance – personalized to individual needs 
  • Physical Exams 
  • Lab Services – all routine labs or others as indicated in the childbearing year 
  • Childbirth Education – covered in appointments or as a class with other parents as feasible 
  • 24-7 On call support 
  • Medical consultation or referral as needed 

Home Birth - Labor and delivery occurs in the home and midwives are there to monitor fetal wellbeing and offer continuous care and support as needed throughout the birth process.     

Postpartum and well baby care – comprehensive care through 6 weeks postpartum to include exams, breastfeeding support, monitoring maternal recovery and infant growth and wellbeing.   

Prenatal and Postpartum Care Only – If you would like midwifery care for pregnancy and postpartum but desire to birth in the hospital this is also an option. 



I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and offer a broad variety of lactation support for any client in the community needing these services. Lactation visits include a thorough health history, maternal and infant exams, observing a feeding and giving informed choice about options. Based on information gathered, I form an individualized plan and provide compassionate care and follow up to meet the feeding needs and goals of each family.

  • Prenatal planning and preparation
  • Infant physical and oral exams 
  • Maternal breast exams 
  • Correcting latch and positioning to resolve pain and damage 
  • Personalized feeding and pumping plans 
  • Getting baby back to breast after a NICU stay or being bottle/tube fed 
  • Nutritional and herbal counseling to optimize milk production or aid in allergies 
  • Breastfeeding twins and multiples 
  • Adoption
  • Return to work plans 
  • Advising caregivers on best feeding practices  
  • Medical consultation or referral as needed