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Prenatal Care


Prenatal visits are encouraged during pregnancy as the journey toward motherhood grows and your baby develops. In hour long appointments I take the time to address your physical and emotional needs and provide education to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you'll enjoy. During visits we will cover routine vitals, nutritional counseling, and fetal heart rates while monitoring growth. All standard and routine labwork, imaging and medical benchmarks are offered as well.

Labor and Birth


With home birth you will experience the freedom to move around as needed, eat what you'd like when you'd like, and relax and work in whatever way feels good for your body. The combination of support and comfort from your family and my team, is beneficial in facilitating your birth. As the midwife I bring medical and emergency equipment, regularly monitor both you and baby's wellbeing and vitals and help facilitate a calm environment for you to safely birth your baby.

Postpartum and Newborn Care


To ensure that you  and your newborn receive the best possible care, my team will stay in your home after your birth for several hours to provide support, perform physical exams, assist with breastfeeding, clean up any mess and answer any questions you may have. I return to your home 3 times in the first week and then provide routine visits for mom and baby through 6-8 weeks postpartum.

I also offer in depth Lactation Consulting and am a certified IBCLC.

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